Forum Help
  1. Go to Forum Home Page
  2. Go to a Forum Group
  3. Go to a Forum
  4. Navigating Using Breadcrumbs
  5. Navigating Threads

1.Go to Forum Home Page
To go to the home page of the Forum module:

  1. Click the Home link located in the top left corner of the breadcrumb - OR - Click the Home link located top center above all forum groups.

2.Go to a Forum Group

  1. Click on the [Forum Group Name] link.

3.Go to a Forum

  1. Click on the [Forum Name] link.
  2. OPTIONAL. Click the Show No Replies or Show With Replies link (located under the Search box in the top right-hand corner of the module) to modify the threads are displayed.
  3. OPTIONAL. Change the order of threads from Oldest To Newest or Newest To Oldest by selecting either option from the drop-down box located in the bottom right corner of the page.

4.Navigating Using Breadcrumbs
Breadcrumb of forum names enables you to quickly view other forums without returning to the Forum Home.

5.Navigating Threads
To navigate to threads which are not displayed in the Forum module:

  1. Navigate to the required Forum. See "Navigating to Forums & Forum Groups"
  2. Use the First, Previous, Next and Last links to navigate to threads not currently displayed.
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